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About us:  Piotr, Margarethe and Pawel

We all are Polish-born and live abroad since 1982, currently at the western frontier of Germany close to Cologne, Duesseldorf  and Aachen.

Even as the proud citizens of friendly Austria (our hearts are still in Villach) we feel as Europeans with polish roots and our native language spoken at home is Polish. We decided to launch this new site in English version knowing that many friends or visitors of this site speak neither Polish nor German. Anyway we'll add Polish and German versions soon.

You can email us in Polish, German, English, French and even in Russian though we certainly prefere the first three languages listed. Margarethe ("Gosia") speaks basic Spanish too.

On he PIOTR'S PAGE you will find some facts about Piotr's professional interests and career. If you'd be interested in more details or in full size CV please send me an email. I apologize but I do not publish our phone numbers or postal addresses on Internet.

The page contains also selection of our vacation pictures, links to our favorite sites and some topics of interest. Margarethe holds M.Sc. in biochemistry since 1974 but her knowledge of ancient history and cultures especially those of Egypt, Near East and South America can bring an expert into troubles.

We visit our "old" country Poland and our family in Poznan at least once each year. And from time to time we are on the short "nostalgia trip" to our favorite places on the Baltic Sea coast.

Pawel's web page is not included or linked here. He is currently a student of communication design at FH Aachen and usually presents his projects on We do not show or comment his contents and photographs here. You could be disappointed or delighted. So please contact the mufuku's webmaster (and it's Pawel's job of course) for access.

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Genealogy information

Thru this page you can get access to our family genealogy database via GenoPro. The systematic genealogy search conducted my uncle Lorenz Strzyzewski during the past 20 years.

Introduce yourself by sending an ID email and receive your login if you are family member or just interested in our family's roots.

LEO Dictionary

Best online dict

Try the LEO online dictionary to translate between English and German.

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Our familiar cities...

one of us or both spent more than just a weekend in:

Aachen, Algier, Amsterdam, Anchorage, Duesseldorf, Erlangen, Gdansk, Geneva, Gothenburg, Kopenhagen, La Paz, Las Vegas, Lima, London, Munich, Nuremberg, New York, Oslo, Paris, Phoenix, Poznan, Seoul, San Francisco, Singapore, Stockholm, Sydney, Tokyo, Vancouver, Venice, Vienna, Villach, Warsaw...



Vacation 2006


We were on Sinai Peninsula snorkeling over coral reef at the Red Sea coast and visiting Cairo in Spring 2006 .

Vacation 2005

Dominican Republic

We spent two nice weeks at Bavaro Beach near Punta Cana in Dominican Republic. We'll come back....

Past journeys...

Australia, Austria, Singapore, Canada, GB, Danmark, France, Switzerland, Peru, Bolivia, Indonesia, Cuba, Norway, Sweden, Turkey, Japan, Italy, fm. Jugoslavia, Morocco, Tunisia, Greece, Korea, Netherlands, USA and more...

We have been in Peru and Bolivia in 1998 seeking after mysterious Incas constructions in the Andes near Pisco. It was the most exciting adventure in our life so far. We also spent few hours on Chacaltaya peak in Bolivia, at 5350m elevation.

This difficult private tour was perfectly managed by


Baltic Sea

Polish west coast. Meeting old friends, enjoying beer with fried fish, hiking ten kilometers on the beach...

We have been there many times between 1990 and 2005. Our Pawel polished his language skills and got to know many friends there.



Our old hometown

The dynamic six hundred thousand population city on the halfway between Berlin and Warsaw at 180km distance from the Polish west border. It has one thousand years history record and fifty thousand students now.